Battle Monument Group (BMG) Launches Delaware Statutory Trust (BMG DST 2022)
Richmond, Virginia, September 2, 2022

Battle Monument Group recently launched a Delaware Statutory Trust (BMG DST 2022). The trust is established as a separate entity under Delaware laws to hold title to income-producing commercial properties, making it an excellent solution for 1031 investors.

How does it work?

A 1031 exchange allows investors to defer capital gain taxes when selling properties. To perform a 1031 exchange, the owner will reinvest the profits from the sale of their property into a qualified investment property. BMG DST 2022 qualifies for this purpose. This transaction is completed utilizing a Qualified Intermediary (QI).

Battle Monument Group will work with the investor and their QI to utilize the properties in BMG DST 2022 as their selected properties for the like-kind exchange. The team at Battle Monument Group is experienced in working with investors, intermediaries, and advisors to make the transaction into their DST very easy and seamless.

Key Advantages
  1. You decrease your risk by investing in a well-organized portfolio of investment grade properties vs. buying individual properties.
  2. You receive consistently high yield without the hassle of managing properties.
  3. You eliminate the stress and risk of identifying individual properties to acquire, dealing with brokers and deal negotiations, property diligence, etc. It is very similar to investing in a real estate fund.

BMG DST offers lower risk for investors through a consolidated portfolio of investment-grade tenants and is professionally managed under the BMG umbrella. The DST holds title to 8 investment grade, single-tenant commercial properties and offers a 5.6% annual yield, targeted to increase to 6% over the course of 5 years. Investing profits from a 1031 exchange into BMG DST 2022 is a great option for investors who want to achieve a low risk, high-yield, stress-free investing process.

Battle Monument Group is very excited to provide this important product for investors. If you would like to learn more about BMG DST, visit

*This summary of terms is neither an offer to sell nor the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, which can be made only by the PPM. Targeted yield portrayed herein is not guaranteed. This material must be reviewed in conjunction with the PPM to fully understand ail of the implications and risks of the offering to which it relates. Prospective investors should carefully read the PPM, including the section designated "Risk Factors" therein, and review any additional information they desire prior to making an investment.

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