MM Associates Fund I Fully Subscribed

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Richmond, Virginia, November 18, 2019– Battle Monument Group, a Richmond private equity fund focused on increasing economic strength for veterans, has completed financing of $5.0 Million for its second fund, MM Associates Fund I. The announcement comes 17 months after launching the fund, which is over-subscribed.

“We continue to see demand for our investment product within the capital markets, and the veteran community.” said John Oliver, Manager of the Fund. Oliver went on to say, “We committed ourselves at the outset to assets with strong, stabilized yield. The economy seems to be favoring our approach.”

Battle Monument Group recently expanded its team to 8 full time staff, and is in the process of organizing a third fund, that will launch in early 2020.

“We expect to keep growing, acquiring properties in a broader segment of the US. To support that growth, we have been fortunate to add staff that shares our values. We take a disciplined approach, and remain vigilant in serving investors with an affinity for the veteran community.”

Battle Monument Group LLC is a Richmond, Virginia private equity fund that favors stabilized, single-tenant retail properties. The company’s investments are heavily focused on discount retailers. For further information contact John Oliver, at


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