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MM Associates Two

Est. 2020 - Actively Accepting Investors

Fund Overview

MM Associates Two (the “Fund”, or “Company”) acquires single-tenant retail properties with a focus on discount retailers (“Target Assets”). MARF Management, LLC manages the Fund and makes all investment and operating decisions for the Fund. Investments into the Fund are used, with bank financing, to acquire Target Assets.

The Fund targets single tenant retail properties, particularly those leased to discount retailers such as Dollar General or Family Dollar with emphasis on three features:

1. Strength of asset within tenant s corporate portfolio
2. High yield relative to credit quality of the tenant
3. Potential for capital appreciation due to cap rate compression


The Fund further focuses on stabilized assets , that have been in operation in excess of 5 years, with previous lease renewals by the tenant, priced at a discount relative to the stabilized yield.

Fund Size




$10.0 Million





MARF Management LLC

Target Yield




Preferred return of 8% based on 6% paid in quarterly installments of Interim Yield, and additional preferred return at time of Capital Event

minimum investment





Commitment Fund with $100,000 minimum commitment.  Speak with an Associate Fund Manager to discuss investment options.





Preferred (Class A) Member Interests

investment objectives


The Fund’s primary goal is to make investments in single-tenant retail properties with a focus on discount retailers, having the potential to generate current income and moderate long-term capital appreciation. The Fund intends to provide investors access to investments in the Target Assets, which are not highly correlated with publicly traded equity and fixed income markets. The Fund will be operated as a closed-end private fund investing in a portfolio of the Target Assets (“Investments”) located throughout the United States. The Fund will not invest outside the United States.

use of proceeds




The entirety of the proceeds from the sale of Class A Units in the Offering will be invested in Target Assets, including the payment of acquisition costs such as Acquisition Fees. Interim cash balances will be invested in short-term, liquid instruments.

capital contribution Size of offering, minimum investment


The Fund is offering the Class A Units for $1,000 Capital Contribution per Class A Unit and minimum Capital Contribution of $100,000 (100 Class A Units) per investor. The Manager may reduce or waive this minimum for certain investors. Investors in the Offering will become Class A Members of the Fund upon receipt of funds and acceptance of their subscriptions by the Manager. The Manager may continue to accept subscriptions following the initial closing of investor subscriptions, until the Offering Termination Date. The Fund is targeting Capital Contributions of $10 million in aggregate.

Term and termination of fund




The Manager may attempt to sell an Investment when market conditions are advantageous to the Fund. It is anticipated the Fund will substantially liquidate its Investments and dissolve within seven years of the date of the Fund’s final investor closing, but the Manager may, in its discretion, extend the term of the Fund for up to two additional twelve-month periods.